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When you state that you are 'Pet Friendly', what do you mean?

At Liptelvin Hillside Retreat, we are animal lovers, and we try to ensure that your pet has as happy a stay as you do. When you arrive, we welcome you with a hot or cold drink and biscuits. For your dog, there will be a freshly filled water bowl and a dog treat (with your permission).



Do you allow dogs to sleep inside?

Of course. We are truly pet friendly, not just pet tolerant. If your dog sleeps inside at home, he can sleep inside here. However, your dog or pup MUST be fully toilet trained and not chew furniture or bedding etc..



What do we have to bring for our dog?

It is a good idea to bring your pet’s own bedding and food and water bowls, food and some toys. In winter, bring a coat if he/she is short haired or feels the cold. A dog towel is a good idea, and of course, Doggie poo bags for droppings near the main building. If you forget to bring bedding or bowls, we can supply them. We have a dog/child gate at the top and at the bottom of the stairs so you can choose if you want to keep them in a more restricted area.



Are there any breeds you do not accept?

We have had a large variety of dog breeds as guests from miniature poodles  to Rottweilers. However breeds listed as dangerous would require prior discussion.



Can we bring pets other than dogs?

Guests can bring their dogs, cats and birds. We have even had guinea pigs and Hermit Crabs! However, please contact us to let us know what animal/s you would like to bring before making a firm booking.



What happens if we want to go somewhere we cannot take our dog?

If I am home, the dog/s can join Ben (our dog) and me in the homestead and around the property. If I have to go out, there is a large outdoor roofed enclosure with a number of kennels, or the dog can stay in your apartment.



Are there ticks in the area?

We are in a tick paralysis free region.



Where can we walk the dog/s?

 On the property, there is a great walk down to the river and along the banks. Many dogs love to have a swim in the river with Ben, who shows them where to go, and takes small dogs to an area that is safe for them.



 Are there any off lead areas?

 If the dog comes back when you call, you can take your dog “off lead “ anywhere on the property.

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