Seasoned travellers who now share their own little piece
of paradise...



Hosts Phillip and Christel Jensen are seasoned travellers who stopped counting the number of countries they have visited after they got to one hundred!


They are experienced 4 wheel drivers and have made extensive camping trips in the Australian Outback.Travelling for over forty five years, they were always drawn back to the Victorian High country, and finally bought a beautiful property, which they call their own little piece of paradise, which they now wish to share with others.


Animal lovers themselves, they understand guests wanting to bring their pets, so Liptelvin Hillside Retreat is very pet friendly. Resident 'people friendly' animals include Ben & Pip (dogs), Chino & Molly (cats), Arabian horse Sheik, Welsh Mountain Pony Amber, miniature horse Coco and pet hens as well as the many species of birds that visit regularly.


If you are an animal lover or pet owner, Liptelvin Hillside Retreat near Mansfield, Mt Buller and Lake Eildon is the perfect place for your holiday. Pets are as welcome as their owners, and if house trained, are able to live inside with their families in the apartment or self contained homestead unit. Outside dogs can stay in Ben's Canine Cabins which is an enclosed escape proof run with kennels and a large shady tree.


On arrival, guests are greeted by hostess Christel, and canine hosts Ben & Pip (and often Chino the cat). Guests are then treated to freshly brewed coffee, tea or a cold drink and dogs have fresh water and a treat waiting for them. Dog bedding, towels and food bowls are also available.


The Liptelvin horses love attention. Under supervision, children can brush and take them for walks. Usually Ben, Pip and Chino will come too. Hens can be picked up and patted and eggs collected!


Hosts Christel and Phillip and their friendly pets try their absolute best to ensure all human and animal guests enjoy warm, country hospitality and have a happy memorable stay.

The ultimate pet and family friendly destination...




For families with children, Liptelvin Hillside Retreat offers them an unforgettable holiday experience in the country. In addition to the hosts welcoming children of all ages, if they wish, guests can bring their pets to stay with them inside as part of the family.


Portable cots, high chair, baby bath, baby carry rocker and plastic plates and cups are available for the youngest guests. For their safety, there is a gate at the top and bottom of the staircase and a full guard around the wood fire. Toys include numerous soft animals, other toys, games, cricket bat, badminton set, inflatable donut (for swimming in the river), videos, DVDs, books, and a ¾ size pool table for older guests.


Some young creative guests like to do art, or even design their own named Theme Garden, e.g. Thomas’s garden and Tiffany’s wall. A former art teacher, Christel enjoys spending time with budding artists if time permits.


A bonus is that if advance arrangements are made, Christel will mind guests’ children if adults want to dine out without them. Pets can be cared for while owners visit the snowfields and national parks.

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